Today Football Predictions

today football predictions

Today Football Predictions

It is not a real surprise when we say that football is the sport most affected by match fixing in sports betting today. And the reason is very simple. Quite simply, it is the sport that has the highest volume of sporting events. It is also the sporting field that brews the most money, both in terms of football itself and in sports betting.

And the smart guys quickly realized that it would be possible to arrange football matches. In addition, the fact of being able to bet on meetings through forecasters and bookmakers has exploded this practice. Exact score, number of goals scored, scorer forecast and all the other betting possibilities have meant that the possibilities of betting and therefore of rigging have exploded. This is the door open for all types of scams and arrangements of all kinds.

We are talking about football here, because in this case it is the biggest player, but Tennis, Basketball and Handball are not left out either. And when it comes to individual sports, it’s much easier to bribe a player than an entire team.

If you are used to social networks, you have certainly already been approached by tipsters out of nowhere. Generally, this is done in private messages for more discretion. The latter will tell you that he would have information about a match and that he could inform you about the outcome of this match for money.

Generally, this type of individual has a well-established practice and if a bettor is easily influenced, he falls into the trap. You will then believe that you are going to participate in a fixed match in sports betting and thus collect a large sum of money.

But more seriously, do you think that the people who pull the strings of this type of practice have the time to canvas bettors on social networks? Generally, it is rather the work of a small scammer who decided to take advantage of a fixed match in sports betting to make easy money.

The bettor is therefore ripped off like a rookie with no possibility of recourse.

However, a passionate bettor will never be drawn into this type of dubious scheme. Because it is not so easy to earn money and too easy money is often also a source of problems.

The analysis and predictions are something else. Check out today football predictions to find out why.

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