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football tips

Football Tips

Corruption in football, false football tips and sport in general has existed since speculation in money was introduced. You should also know that some countries and some federations are more affected than others by match-fixing in sports betting. To name a few, note that countries in Eastern Europe or South America are the most affected.

But it is not worth stigmatizing these countries. All countries in the world suffer from match fixing in sports betting. No one escapes it and the big teams are not always those who are the most affected. Indeed, the smallest championships and the smallest teams are often those most affected by this type of practice.

Be aware that big teams and players who earn a lot of money have no real interest in being corrupt. But you should know that it exists and that it also affects all levels of professional football.

In the various European championships, in 2010, it would seem that more than 150 matches were affected by match fixing in sports betting. And we will not discuss here the subject of match-fixing during the world championships or Euro matches.

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